Sunday, June 12, 2011

All news is not true news

 Well here is something rather interesting that has came up into the computer security world. Now I could write something about it but I think it should be read directly from the F-Secure blog. A fake report has started spreading that two well known computer security researchers have been arrested for stealing credit cards. Now these two people are well known into the computer security community so it makes very little sense for them to steal credit card data. To be honest as soon as I read the title of the fake article I started laughing because of how crazy it sounds.

 This just goes to prove one point, you can not believe everything you read online. Do not blindly trust everything you read. People will put out fake information online like this. Please send people that are spreading the false information a link to either the F-Secure article or article to help stop the spread of the false information.

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