Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are all mobile apps secure?

 I read the other day that the use of texting is dropping and the use of mobile IM apps are rising. Now I personally don't know anyone who uses these mobile IM apps but I don't know WhatsApp is one of the popular ones. However with the rise of these types of mobile apps does anyone take the time to see if they are truly secure? Yes the are popular but popular does not mean secure.

 Now I had been thinking about this and to my surprise as soon as I logged onto Twitter this morning another security blog has posted a report of the popular app WhatsApp.

 Now I do not have any way to personally test their finding because I do not have a Smartphone but according to their report none of the data was encrypted and they were able to access all the data from the app.

 Encrypted data is something that has come up a lot more often recently. When Sony was hacked it was found everything was unencrypted and data was simply accessed. If something like that were to happen to WhatsApp clients it could possibly happen. Now I am not saying it will happen but a couple months ago we never through all Sonys data was going to be accessed.

 So always remember research if your data is going to be encrypted or not. Its always better to be safe then sorry.

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