Monday, June 20, 2011

Dropbox Security Glitch

 Its always hard to announce that your company had a security glitch, even harder if the glitch was real bad and let anyone view anyone's account. That is what has happened to Dropbox the service which is like an online USB drive allowing you to access files anywhere. For four hours users were able to access other users accounts by just typing an email address and any password. Now I will be honest I am a slight Dropbox user myself. By slight I mean I have it installed but I do not have any files on it. I have seen a lot of complaints in different sites comments around the web and many people are upset over the matter. Doing a quick twitter search you can see many people looking for a new service to use. It has not been announced if any personal data was grabbed from any accounts but if we hear from any reports we will inform y'all.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I lost my trust in Dropbox, now I'm using Sugarsync. So far so good, I hope it's more reliable. If you would also join and like to get 500 MB bonus (for you and for me as well) beside the free 5 GB, here's my referral link: