Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trust and Rep: Two important things for everything computer security company

 Two import things for any computer security company, blog, or service is Trust and Reputation. Every computer security company works so hard to build it up but one mistake can bring it back down or destroy it. It takes much time to build up the trust but it can be broken instantly.

 Lets take IGL-Security for an example, I try to help build up trust and keep the reputation good for the blog. Which means making sure its indexed properly, widgets and info setup properly, making sure a privacy policy it setup. All that takes time to work on to help build up the trust. However I could instantly break that by filling this blog full of false information. That would hurt this blogs reputation and break the trust of the readers.

 So do AV companies build trust and reputation? They build up good detection rates in AV tests, they get good reviews in magazines, and they spread through word of mouth advertising. All this helps them build up the trust in reputation. That's what makes an AV like AVG so popular. They built up a strong reputation and now whenever you talk so someone about free AV programs AVG is most likely mentioned.

 Now how do the vendors break your trust? Now as I said its quicker to break trust then it is to build it. McAfee had an FP that made it detect Windows file which made it lose the trust to some of its users. Avira is adding the Ask Toolbar and Uniblue adverts which has cause some to lose trust in it. AVG has released an updated that crashed Win7 64bit machines before causing people to lose trust. Avast released an update that caused its webguard to detect many sites as malware. Its very simple for an issue to cause the lost of trust for many AV companies.

 So if you are running a computer security software company make sure you work very hard on keeping your company able to be trusted and make sure your reputation stays clean. Also make sure you only partner with places you would personally use and personally trust.

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