Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who viewed your Profile makes wave through Facebook

 Another day another large wave of who viewed your profile scams going through Facebook. This time spreading the following message:

 WOAH! my profile was viewed 106 times JUST TODAY, and I can see that I have quite a few stalkers LOL! Find out yours (bad link)

 Like always the link can not tell you who viewed your profile and the number of times viewed is just some randomly picked number.

 Here Is another scam message I found

 WOW I cant believe that you can see who is viewing your profile!I just saw my top 10 profile peekers and I am SHOCKED from who is viewing my profile!You can also see WHO VIEWED YOUR PROFILE : (bad link)

 Please try to avoid these messages and if you see them do not click on them. No app can tell you who is viewing your profile. 

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