Friday, June 3, 2011

Mac Malware: Getting Serious

 A security researcher posted an article about something he found interesting, and something you Mac users may want to start watching out for. What he found was Proof of Concept Mac OS Ransom trojans.

 Now I have never experienced a ransom trojan, and a ransom trojan is something I would never ever want to be hit with. For those of you who do not know what a ransom trojan is it is simply a virus that locks you out of your whole machine till you say you will pay money to unlock it. It is something no one wants to go through, and its clear to understand way. Now why are these trojans possible you may ask? Think about all the information you have on your computer. Your photos, documents, money information, how much you be willing to pay to get it back?

 So how serious are these malware writers taking the MacOS. Well if they work on it like they are working on the Mac FakeAV's it will be pretty serious. Today Apple has released another security update in order to remove the newest Mac FakeAVs. This just shows are focused they are on making FakeAV programs for Macs. 

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