Friday, June 10, 2011

Free Ipad and Iphone scams going through twitter

 Free Ipad and Free Iphone apps are making a strong wave through twitter. How do I know? Well I have been  monitoring the most popular daily article IGL-Security stats and noticed a large amount of people are coming and reading an article about the free items scams. So I decided to take a look into what I could find on Twitter and here is what I found:

 First up some of the messages I found:

 Managed to get a free iPhone for doing nothing!!!! (bad link)

 WOOW!! I just got a FREE iPhone 4 from this website! Hurry, go here (bad link)

 All I did was basically fill in a 5 minute survey and got a totally free iPhone!!!!!! (bad link)

  Fantastic! I just received a FREE OF COST iPad through (bad link)

 The scam site links kept coming in so I did not have time to view each one of them. Just because some random site on the internet is offering you free stuff does not mean it is true. If it were true you would hear about it everywhere. 

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