Monday, June 6, 2011

What do you think this article is going to be about?

 If you guessed it will be about bacon you are incorrect. However if you guessed Sony being hacked and then data leaked to the public you are correct. So once again I am blogging about another Sony Hack and/or data loss/leak.

This time a file containing Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network Source Code has been released by the same hackers who hacked PBS, Nintendo, and released the large database of 1 million passwords from Sony Pictures. You can see information as it comes in via twitter which is what I personally do. No comments have came from Sony yet however if they say anything I will inform y'all.

 In fact many eyes are on Sony as they prepare to give some keynotes over at the E3 conference. I have a feeling this may come up at some time because when they are talking. I guess we will all find out when Sony speaks.

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