Friday, June 24, 2011

Hackers vs Hackers picking up

 The Internet is becoming the Wild West again. Hackers against sites and now hackers vs hackers. Ever since the Sony PSN hacks things have been picking up quickly. In fact Hackers are attempting to outdo each other in everything that they do. I really liked that article from Sophos which really gives some good insight into whats going on in the hacking world. Turning each other in, taking down each others site. These hackers are not just sitting around they are actively targeting each other.

 Another interesting article I saw was from who got hold some of LulzSec chat logs. This just shows some of what goes on inside the group and is interesting for those of y'all interested in computer security.

 Now finally for some advice, always use a different password on each site. If you use the same password on different sites all your accounts would be open for hacking. This leaves not site off limits, even your Neopets account if you have seen LulzSec twitter feed.

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