Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Suspected Hacker arrested by PCeU

 The eCrime unite over in the UK has arrested a suspected hacker. The report say this hacker was DDoSing against a number of international companies. Some people have wondered if this people is related to LulzSec but it is not the person behind the LulzSec twitter account because the tweets are still coming in.

 Reports have also started coming in that LulzSec was going to team up with other hacking groups to target more people. What will this lead to? Well we will just have to wait and see, however we will inform y'all if we hear of any other big attacks coming from this.

 Finally rumors have came out that Lulzsec has got the U.K Census data. However they have came out and said they have not taken the U.K census data. It was just someone else trying to use the Lulzsec name.

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