Monday, June 20, 2011

What do they have in common?

 Profile Views and Dislike Buttons what do they both have in common? Both of them are lies on Facebook and do nothing! Both of them have been making a big wave of spam posts on Facebook here are some of the examples I have found:

 WOW! My Facebook wall has been seen 1795 times.
Boy views: 898.
Girl views: 897.

Check yours @ (bad link)
Facebook has enabled the dislike button click here to activate yours now (bad link)
  Neither of these apps can do anything good. They can not enable a dislike button because it does not exist and it can not tell you who is viewing your profile because no app can tell. Please try to avoid apps like these, if a real dislike button were to exist you exist you would find news about it on tech sites around the world. If Facebook were to start letting app see who was viewing your profile you would also hear about it on tech sites around the web.

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