Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sony Hacked Again (How many times have I said this)

 Well according to the Twitter World Sony Pictures and Sony BMG Belgium and Netherlands was hacked, and lot of public data was released onto the internet. A lot of people are talking about it if you do a quick twitter search you will see for your self. No final count of how much personal data was released has but put out but reports are saying its in the millions. By millions that includes password data once again for Sony Pictures. I have also seen reports that coupon codes were released for music, and personal data on the staff over at Sony.

 It is said they used a simple SQL attack according to them. Sadly none of the passwords were encrypted. All of the passwords were plain text so your password may be in danger. The hackers this time were the same people who hacked into PBS just a few days ago. We will report once we hears Sony's response (if any)

 If you had a membership at any Sony site and used the same password at more then one site I highly recommend you go and change your passwords now.

Update 1 *rumor* A rumor is going around gov and military passwords were in that dump of information included. No idea if its true or not but I thought I would inform y'all of the rumor

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