Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sony Pictures Russia Hacked (update: and possibly Sony Music Brazil)

 Well it seems the Sony Pictures hackers are not done with hacking Sony Corp. Reports are flooding in the Sony Pictures Russia has been hacked this time. Once again it seems it was hacked via a SQL injection attack. Doing a quick search for Sony Pictures Russia it shows the tweets are flooding in that it was hacked. No official word yet on what was done but I am watching for it.

 Update: Sophos is reporting that no personal information was released this time, this was just showing a vulnerability in the Sony site. The question will be how long it will be till Sony fixes the security vulnerability and if someone will try to use it to steal data before they fix it. On the bad side this is most likely not going to help Sony's image on site security. 

 I honestly hope Sony is going through right now and checking all their sites for SQL injection vulnerability. If you held an account on Sony Pictures Russia now would be a good time to look into what account information you have over there. Reports are not out yet of what was hacked. The only information out right now is a link spreading to a paste bin.

 It also seems that Sony Music Brazil has been hacked. I don't think think the two hacks are related but its worth noting  that they have been hacked.

 We will be updating this article as we get more information.

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