Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook Malware now GEO/OS aware

 According to a report from F-Secure they have found the Facebook Malware I blogged about yesterday is now OS aware (installing on Windows and Mac) and GEO aware (it only works in some countries). This is a reminder that everyone needs to take prevention steps when they are online, especially when they are on social networks. Here are some tips:

 1. Install an AV! It does not matter if you are on a Mac or on a Windows machine an AV needs to be installed

 2. Watch out for random links in your Facebook feed. If it does not look like something your friend would say, if it does not say something your friend would say, or it does not sounds like to say your friend most likely did not say it. So just ignore it and ask them if they posted it or not.

3. Use Common Sense, research what the url is (I posted a guide on URL research not to long ago) before clicking.

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