Thursday, June 2, 2011

The end of Counterspy

 It's a sad day in the computer security world today in my opinion. As you know some security tool (normally known as Anti-Malware or Anti-Spyware programs) are created to be used with your current computer security product. Today I have just found out one of my person favorite Antispyware tools known as Counterspy has been discontinued.

 CounterSpy has been around for a while, almost seven years according to the End Of life page and has been pretty popular through its life time.After trying CouterSpy for the first time late last year it quickly become on of my favorite Anti-Spyware applications and I installed it on all my machines. I was sad to hear that CounterSpy has been discontinued and that I now need to go work on finding a new Anti-Spyware app to put on all three of my machines.

If anyone from the CounterSpy team reads this thanks for such a great product as it was available.

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