Monday, June 6, 2011

Watch out for Ipad (and other random) Mention Spam

 Today Apple announced the new iOS 5 and Mac OS versions. Due to the a lot of people are tweeting about the latest Apple stuff and talking about it around the web. That leads us to the very common mention spam, and its really hitting twitter at the moment with everyone talking about Apple Products. In fact doing a twitter search shows the mention spam is going very strong at the moment. Here are some of my favorite I have seen:

 Brand New Batman with zero cost <- I never knew you could buy a batman.

 The new xbox Air could be yours- on us <- I always wanted air that came from an Xbox.

 We're giving away a Free Batman <- Robin is not included in the package.

 Now like always these are all scams. Please avoid from clicking on them, you will not be getting any of these things you were offered.

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