Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Security Experts on Twitter: Who should I follow?

 Twitter is a great place to get to know people you most likely would have never gotten to meet in person. I use twitter to get updated on computer security news from computer security experts I would have most likely never get to meet in person. So I have decided to create a list of computer security experts I think you may want to follow and provide some information on who they are. So here is the list I think you will enjoy


 StopMalvertsin does research of current malware trends and researches malware that is being spread through advertising networks. StopMalvertisin is a great twitter feed to follow if you want to see a wide variety of computer security related news.

 Dave Marcus:

  Dave is director of security research over at McAfee labs. You will see a lot of tweets on a wide range of topics coming from his twitter account.

 Microsoft Safer Online team

 This Microsoft Team is dedicated to tweeting out the latest internet privacy news for you to follow. This twitter account provides great information on that topic and I really enjoy reading what news they tweet.


 Marco (better known online as eraserhw) does malware research analysis for Prevx/Webroot. Marco has put out some great articles on the ZeroAccess rootkit that provide great information. If you want to see the latest articles from Marco I highly recommend you follow this twitter account.

Eugene Kaspersky:

 Eugene Kaspersky co founded Kaspersky Lab the creator of the popular product Kaspersky Antivirus. If you want to keep up with the computer security knowledge he shares (and some of his other hobbies/things he is a fan of) I recommend you follow this twitter account.


 BillP is the twitter account of the creator of the popular Winpatrol security software. BillP shares parts of his personal life and shares computer security news that you most likely will want to read.


 Keep up with whats going on at the Sunbelt/GFI security labs on this twitter account. Alexeck has done a lot of the computer security community and I am sure you will want to read whats their computer security research lab is researching.

 Patrik Runald

 Patrik is a manager for security research over at Websense labs. I remember reading Patriks posts over at Wilders Security forum. I also am a regular reader of the Websense security blog.


 Much like here at the IGL-Security blog ScamSniper keeps you alert of the latest social scams and other unwanted net items. Follow them to keep up with the latest internet scam news.


 SecurityGarden keeps you up to date with a wide range of computer security news. Including exploits,  data leaks, new rootkits, the list goes on and on. Follow SecurityGarden to keep up to date with the latest security news.


 FireEye keeps you updated with the latest new of Zero day malware, exploits, hackes, and other computer security news.

 Brian Krebs:

 Brian Krebs is the author of the computer security news blog Krebs on Security. I am also a reader of this blog and recommend you check it out if you have not.

 Jerome Segura:

 Jerome Segura is editor of the Paretologic security blog Malware Diaries, a security researcher for Paretologic, and runs the url sharing site Malware Black List. To keep up with computer security news and his articles I recommend you follow his twitter account.


 As many of you who have read this blog before know I have referenced the computer security blog Naked Security a few times. Well gcluley is the person behind this blog I enjoy reading and I recommend you follow his twitter account.

 Mikko Hypponen

 Mikko is CRO over at F-Secure. He does a lot of security blogging, tweeting, and retweeting and he posts a lot about current security threats and news. I highly recommend you follow his twitter account.

  Juan Santana

 Juan his CEO at Panda Security (as you may know I use the Panda Security AV program Panda Cloud) so I highly recommend you follow his twitter account.


 Bart is a Panda Security Tech. and malware researcher. He tweets a lot of different links about computer security that many people (interested in computer security) may find interesting. So I also recommend you follow him.


 So I am no way an expert like everyone else here but I figured if you want to keep up with the latest IGL-Security news you should follow my twitter account :)

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