Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daily Social Scam Report (8-14-2011)

 Its time for today's social scam report. Here are the bad social links/apps I have found spreading along with a little bit of data to go along with each of them.

 WOAH!!...You guys really have to see this.Finally a simple way to see who views your facebook profile :P ===>> (bad short link)

 This was the most recent one posted when I did my first search. According to some stats it was clicked on by 1,331. That is a large amount of people clicking on this. always remember no app can tell you who is viewing your Facebook profile.

 I had no idea you could see everyone who views your profile! I just saw my ex viewed my profile the, this is crazy. you all are sick! See for yourself: (bad link)

 I saw this one has been posted a few times. No short link this time and instead openly linked to the bad site. At the moment according to URLVoid no service is detecting this as a bad app.

 My profile views are :(random number)
Girls Views :(random number)
 Boys Views : (random number)
 Check yours at - (bad short link)

 This is another "I will give you a random number of profile views" fake app. However it seems to be working because according to the stats (Thanks for the wonderful stats!) has been visited 618 times the past hour, and 5771 times over all. If only that many people were here reading the IGL-Security blog! Doing a URLVoid scan only one service was detecting it at the moment.

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