Monday, August 15, 2011

I am going to test the Iphone 5 and keep it!....nope just another Facebook scam

 Another large round of Apple Themed scams are going through Facebook at the moment. This times its for the "never confirmed that it actually exists" Iphone 5. So what is this round of scam saying? Here is what I have found.

 A random site is offering to let you Test&Keep the brand new Apple Iphone 5. Now their is a couple problems with this. Do you really believe Apple will just open up the testing of a brand new product to anyone? If it really was opening up testing to everyone don't you think it would be on a Apple Owned domain? Not by someone called Yes Survey Media (Who Is?). In fact to be honest the domain was just registered 5 days ago. Compared to the Apple domain registration information you can see a pretty big difference.

 Another round of these fake scams are running through Facebook events. These events are saying the first 100K people to attend will get a free Iphone 5. Do you really think Apple would give away 100K free Iphones?

 I highly recommend you stay away from the suspicious offers like this.

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