Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daily Social Scam Report (8-27-2011)

 Time for today's daily social scam report.

  First off I have seen some reports of Facebook users getting personal messages on Facebook about having broken Facebook policy's and if they don't follow the link and confirm their account it will be shut down. Most of the time these are phishing scams so be on the lookout for that.

 Now lets take a look at some twitter scams:

  Hi Steve Jobs just resigned and he is giving away free stuff - its IPAD 2
   Doing a URLVoid 3 services were detecting that one as bad. Which is great due to the fact most of the time not one service is detecting the bad urls with social scams.

 Apple news: you can get Iphone quickly for free! 
 You've been invited to test & keep an iPhone right now for free!
 Get A Free iPhone this minute 
 Get A Free iPhone asap
  Doing a URLVoid no services were detecting it again. I highly doubt Apple would just give away products like this. Besides a majority of these posts were all coming from a random twitter account that really does not have any other posts other then "Free Iphone this" "Free Mac that".

  All I did was complete a five minute survey and received a totally free Macbook!!!!!!
  I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS, I recently claimed a cost-free Macbook on
  Try out a macbook air for free here 

  Doing a URLVoid once again showed that no services were detecting it as being a bad site. Gladly every once in a while I would get a URLVoid in which some services were detecting the bad sites.

 So it does not matter what social network you are on. Always been on the look out for scams and spam posts. Also never believe an offer that seems to well to be true.


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