Saturday, August 13, 2011

Anonymous denies the Facebook attack videos

  Some members of Anonymous have responded to the reports of the "November 5th Facebook attack" according to a Facecrooks blog post. According to them the group as a whole has not planned to attack them but since the group does not have one leader it means part of the group may try to attack it that day. So what does this mean? Well their is still a chance of part of the group attacking Facebook on that day, but it means that the whole group most likely will not be attacking it so not as large of an attack. We shall all find out November 5th what happens that day.

  I have noticed recently the media however has really picked up on the news of the possible attack. With the increased media chat about this I have noticed a lot more people coming to my blog looking for information on the attack. This just shows how quick one video can climb to being the top news story.

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