Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daily Social Scam report (8-21-2011)

 Time for today's daily social scam report:

 My profile views are :(random number)
Girls Views : (random number)
Boys Views : (random number) 
Check yours at - (bad short url)

 This continues to stay one of the more common themes for social scams. A URLVoid 
 Scan once again shows that no service is detecting it at the moment. I decided to do some URL Analysis on it and found it was some loading data from another url hosted on the same IP. However at the moment that URL was down. I was able to get a URLVoid analysis and Web of Trust was detecting the site as bad.

 Now lets look at some free Iphone scam posts. Because they are very popular at the moment. Look over at my stats its what a majority of you out there are reaching this site by.

Get a free Iphone 4 & Ipad 2 <- Wow that's a pretty awesome combo

 Doing a URLVoid  analysis no services were detecting it as spreading around on Facebook. Using URL Dump to check the page I was unable to gather more information.

 As people count down to the release of the new Iphone I highly recommend that you do not click on sites offering free Iphones or Ipad. In fact I recommend you never click on them, more often they are scams then actual free offers.



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