Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daily Social Scam Report (8-24-2011)

 Time for today's daily social spam and scam report:

 Lets start off with some of the "Free Dell computer" offers/scams/spam posts going through the social network at the moment.

 dell is sending out XPS 1530 to test and keep for free. get one quick!
 Take the Free Dell XPS 15 Survey!
Facebook giving 1000000 free Dell Laptops. Go Grab... (though I wish they were giving away those free machine)

 Dell would not give out free machines like that, so I highly recommend you avoid these types of offers.

 As for Apple offers here are some of them I found. Most of them are still the same as the ones I posted a few days ago:

 Get a free Macbook Air (bad link)

 I am sorry for not giving URL Analysis my tools I use to check out ratings seems to be down so I can;t do much deep analysis today. 

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