Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daily Social Scam Report (8-23-2011)

 Time for today's daily social scam report:

My profile views are : 8543
Girls Views : 5168
Boys Views : 3375
Check yours at - (bad link)
  Once again this themed scam message is spreading through Facebook at a quick rate. The scam URL is once again using a .info site domain. Doing a URLVoid scan it is showing no services are detecting the scam site. If only someone offered a job for hunting down Social Scam URLS :D Another wave just started of the same theme as I am doing my analysis, this time using a bit.ly short url. The domain is hosted on the same IP Range as the previous URLvoid link I posted. Once again doing a URLVoid no services are detecting the site as being bad.
  I also found event spam for BlackBerry devices. One of the spam events I found said:
25,000 Free BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 phones..[Beta Testers Required]
 I also found a Samsung Spam post going around:
Free Samsung Galaxy Tab
  Remember if something seems to good to be true it most likely is.


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