Monday, August 22, 2011

Daily Social Scam report (8-22-2011)

 Time for today's daily social scam analysis

 First one is a sad topic for scammers to be taking advantage of people from.

 Red Arrow crashes during Air Show (video)

 Yes they are taking advantage of people trying to look up information about the Air Show crash. You can tale a look at this Facecrooks page which contains some info on why its a scam. In fact I have seen Facebook pages spreading this that have 12K "likes" which means a lot of people are falling for this.

 Hey (friends name) I received a Dell XPS 1530 laptop today for nothing! I think they are only sending out a limited supply of promo laptops in each area, its actually very nice :) I got it from here

 I saw this one of my friends Facebook wall this morning, gladly I know better then to click on these types of scams (and MyWOT already had the site rated red. If a deal seems to good to be true I highly recommend you research the site/offer before you click, or better yet just avoid it. If it was a real deal everyone would be talking about it (example: HP TouchPad $99 sale).

 Get a FREE 100$ KFC Gift card!!!! 

 As much as I love KFC Chicken I doubt they would really give away 100$ gift cards to everyone who clicked on a Facebook page. Doing a URL Dump of the site I see no relation to the real KFC. Doing a URLVoid no services are detecting it as bad. Doing a WhoIS say it is owned by Yes Survey Media, a company who you may remember is doing a lot of these offers.

 My profile views are : 8543
Girls Views : 5168
Boys Views : 3375 
Check yours at - (bad short url)

 This themed message continues to spread around Facebook. Doing a URLVoid no service is currently detecting the scam.

 Check out who views your profile and your TOP 10 Stalkers @ (bad short url)

 That scam is spreading via photo tagging, to be honest it just now popped up on my Facebook feed. Doing a URLVoid one service is already detecting it as bad, which is great news!

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