Thursday, August 4, 2011

IGL-Security: Now with more community!

 The first IGL-Security Birthday is quickly growing near. It was in December last year that IGL-Security was created. Its hard to believe we have already got over 26k views, have a growing Facebook pages, and we continue to expand quickly. As I start writing out my plans and goals for IGL-Security for next year one of the things I was to focus on more is community. By community I mean more interaction between the blog and the readers, and readers with readers, and blog with other blogs. So today I am adding one of the new community feature: Community News

 Community News pulls in computer security articles I submit to Reddit and displays them so you can vote them up or down. The articles are only the most popular ones vote wise which means its up to you (The community) to vote on articles. It will be a wide range of computer security articles and I will try to keep it updated often. I will not guarantee it will be done very fast but quick enough I will encourage you to check every once in a while. So I hope you enjoy the new community news feature and I will be working and sharing more IGL-Security goals as we continue near our 1st Birthday!

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