Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Firefox v6 released: Do you like rapid releases?

 As some of you may already know today Firefox v6 has been released. So now two browsers are getting new versions at a rapid rate (Chrome and Firefox) so I am curious. What do y'all think of the new rapid releases: Do you dislike them or do you love them? Honestly I prefer the way Firefox does it and only updates when I launch it, it drives me crazy when I am working on some large programs and Chrome decides to update in the background. Share you thoughts here in the comment section!

1 comment:

  1. isn't it just a marketing trick? they do some small changes and play with versioning...

    however, i think it actually does mean the devs are working harder & faster, that's why i kinda like this.

    i do usually disable Google Update services and startups, i upgrade the Chrome manually then (using beta builds anyway).