Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why using an Ad blocker can help protect your machine

 I personally never had to start using ad blockers to last year. Up till then I just ignored the ad's as long as they were not video or popping out in front where I was reading. That all started changing late last year. Late last year when ever my parents attempted the check their email a fake av took over the screen. After I researched it a bit I found the URL that caused it and after a little more research I found what was loading it. It turned out in the end a hacked ad script was pointing the users to a fake av site.A quick install of Firefox with Adblock Plus took care of the problem and they were able to check their email without any Fake AV's taking over the screen.

 So as you can see an AdBlocker can be counted as a malware prevention tool. Ever since our home had that problem with ads I have been running an AdBlocker as a malware prevention tool. Now you may say that blocks sites from making money, I unblock trusted sites they I personally think have a lower chance of having an infected script start loading. I also have a DNS blocker that can block Malware ads before they can even have a chance.

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