Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Facebook is not closing on March 15th

 The rumor that Facebook will close down March 15th keeps rising then dieing. Even though its a false story it still has caused panic in the social world. I have seen people updating their status saying now that Facebook will be gone they will be at social media site x. I see people rapidly spreading news about this on friends walls and telling them to prepare in case it shuts down. Like many other stories that rapidly spread on Facebook, this story is fake and Facebook will not be shutting down March 15th.

  So you don't need to worry about spreading this false news, if you see a friend that is spreading this you can kindly point them to a blog post like this and show them it is highly unlikely they would just shut Facebook down without notice. If Facebook were to ever really close down you would seen every major news network talking about it and much advance notice to grab everything off of it you wanted.

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