Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have been on Twitter for X hours scam

 The old "I have been on Facebook for X hours" scam has gotten a make over. Its new look is the "I have been on Twitter for X hours" scam. Now twitter users are spreading the fake message, and allowing the scam writers to make some more cash. The twitter-version of the once only Facebook scam is the following:

(Bad app link) I have been on twitter for 187 hours! Check out how long you spent tweeting.

 As you can see the fake scam messages you normally see on Facebook are expanding over into the Twitter-World. Just yesterday I blogged about the "Who's stalking your profile" scam that was spreading quickly in the the twitter-world yesterday. You can see how quickly scams change in the twitter-world because if you attempt to look up who's stalking you now you will not see the large amount of scam posts that were up yesterday.

 Remember to also watch what you click on your favorite social networking site because if you allow an a bad app to access your profile you will be part of spreading the scam.

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