Saturday, March 19, 2011

Social web may be the new top place for fraud

 Social web is a very popular place for scam, spam, fraud, and malware. If it was not a popular topic you would not see many article or blogs (like this one) that talk about it so much. Now as I opened up my homepage today (Yahoo) I saw on article talking about the "Biggest Facebook Security Threats". Now judging by the amount of people (68K!!! Now that's a lot compared to the amount of hits this blog gets) I figure it was a pretty popular article so I decided to read it. Now you can read the article here: Article this article did contain a lot of good advice but I still felt it missed a few tips. Now don't take this as I disliked the article it clearly put out good advice on social web scams but I felt it should have talked about those "Who stalked your profile" or "Get a free Ipad" scams that seem to be hitting all the social networks very hard all the time. So I want everyone to remember these tips:

 1. Do not add people you do not know. That one is very important because I know people break that all the time. Look over at the popular Facebook games fan pages. Most of the time people are saying add me and I will help you do this in this game. Adding a person just so they can help you in a game is not worth having your identity stolen. Just because they say they will help you on a game does not mean they will.

 2. If it seems to good to be true it most likely is. If someone says they can tell you who is stalking your profile or say they can get you a free Ipad for testing its highly likely that its a scam. As the common saying goes: if it is to true to be good it most likely is.

3. Lock down your profile, do not leave it open for all to see. That's a huge security risk to leave everything open. If you leave it all open everyone can see your photos, possibly your current location, you email address, and possibly your cell phone. Lock your privacy settings so only your friends can see your information.

 Finally while reading the articles I noticed in the comments people saying the only way to be safe is not to have any social networking memberships at all. You can be safe online while still being able to enjoy it. If you take the right steps you can have lots of fun on Facebook without having to worry about someone stealing your information.

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