Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New round of who is stalking your profile scam

 Yeah even though I have been blogging about the Twitter "Who is stalking you" scams recently Facebook still has many going through it. While doing my scam research I ran into a new variant of the scam which seems to be going out through email. The message is the following:

 wow just saw my total facebook views and top stalker: Girls- X Boys- X to the person viewing my profile the most lol ...i will be talking to u about that ... see whos stalking ur page asap lol - (bad app link)

 The use of LOL does make it seem like a normal user and I guess if you see a friend that types LOL a lot post that it would seem more like a regular user.  Like always watch out for the scam and if you see a friend post it inform them it is a scam and have them delete the posts/app/change passwords to be on the safe side.

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