Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free Ipad 2 scams once again hitting twitter hard

 Now that the highly popular Ipad 2 has hit the stores the scams have been hitting twitter. They are all linking to different websites where they will either try to get you to take a survey, give away your email address so they can spam you, collect credit card ids and pins so they can spam you. As I am typing this message the number of spam/scam websites being posted it rising quickly. Here are some of the messages that you will see offering them spam/scam.

 No Joke! (I almost Thought it was also) You Can Now Get a Free Ipad 2 (Bad url) 

 Wanna an iPad 2 completely FREE?? Get it, there are still available for FREE at (bad url)

Limited Time: Get the NEW Apple iPad 2 For FREE! Go Now! (bad url)

 Hey, if you want a new iPad 2 for FREE, go to (bad url) They are having a secret giveaway!!! :)

I may be the first to get an iPad 2 for FREE! :) You can get one on (bad url)

I will stop listing them now because the list of fake messages goes on and on and on. Like always these are all a scam. If your news feed starts spreading the message make sure you delete the posts and change your password. If you see friends start spreading the message make sure you inform them its a scam and tell them to delete the posts.


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