Monday, March 28, 2011

My top stalkers hitting Facebook hard

 The My Top Stalkers fake app seems to be making a huge wave through Facebook at the moment. I notice a large amount of traffic going to the "My Top Stalkers hitting twitter" recently so I decide to take another look into what the scam was spreading on facebook was.

 The spam wave is currently spreading the the following spam social apps:
   count your prof visits

  The message is is spreading is the following:

 My Tops Stalkers:
  A. Random Friend Name with X number of views this week
  B. Random Friend Name with X number of views this week
  C. Random Friend name with X number of views this week
  Find yours @(Bad App Link)

 Or this recently discovered message

I cant believe that you can see who is viewing your profile! I can see the TOP 10 people and I am really OPENMOUTHED that my EX is still checking me every hour. You can also see WH0 CHECKS YOUR PR0FILE here:- (Bad App Link)

Like always these apps are scams and can not tell you who is viewing your profile and how often they are viewing your profile weekly. To remove the spam apps go and remove the app from your accounts list of approved apps, delete all the posts it makes, and then finally change your password to be on the safe side. Remember if you see any friends spreading these fake apps point them to the blog so they can be able to get rid of it and stop spreading it.

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