Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have spent X hours on Twitter scam hitting twitter

 The scam that I have written about in the past seems to be making another strong round through Twitter. Using the following spam messages:  

 Hey I have spent 19.1 hours on twitter. Chec yours (bad app link)

 Awesome I have spent 44.1 hours on twitter. Beat that (bad app link)

 I have spent 11.9 hours on twitter. What about you: (bad app link)

 My twitter clock says I have spent 12.7 hours on twitter. Check it (bad app link)

 In front of these messages a popular search term is posted (example: Japan -> (bad message/link) this puts them into some of the top searches on Twitter and other social sites and gets them more clicks on users that are searching for updates on popular topics and events. Each of these bad urls takes you to a (badurl)/tweet-timer/ site. At that site it was request that the app can access your twitter account so it can check how long you have been on twitter. It then will start spamming your twitter feed and then ask you to take a survey. Once you take a survey you will be signed up for some un-needed service and the scam/spam creator will get some of the cash. Like always you will be spreading fake times for no app can tell you how long you have been on. These types of attacks are like the LikeJacking attacks you see on twitter, it seems soon ontop of Likejacking you will see Tweetjacking.

 To remove this delete all the tweets from your twitter feed, remove the permissions the site/app has in your settings so it can not start spreading again and then finally change your password to be on the safe side. If you see anyone else that is spreading the spam make sure you point out to them its a scam and show them an article like this blog on how to remove it.

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