Friday, March 4, 2011

Firefox Addons to help protect your machine

  I am a FireFox user, and I personally love testing Firefox adds to help add security. Some add-ons I have liked some I have not but I have found a couple good ones. While checking out the blog stats I noticed that a majority of all the readers use Firefox, since a majority does I wanted to share my two Firefox add-ons I recommend to add security to your pc.
 1. Adblock Plus although its main function is an adblocker it has saved my machines more then once from hacked ads. This is a very simple add-on to use, and I have never seen it cause any issues on any site I have been on.

2. Ghostery is my other favorite add-on. It blocks web trackers that attempt to track you. Using both of these apps provide a nice extra layer of security

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