Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who stalked your profile today? Fake apps won't tell you

 Its back!!! The "my ex is still stalking my profile" scam message is spreading around twitter again, this time however the message its spreading has changed a little. However like always it still another scam and its spreading around twitter quickly. Also it seems to be spreading very quickly and the number of fake posts on twitter is quickly rising.

 The fake message that is spreading is the following:

  OMG (random number) people viewed my Twitter profile TODAY! I can see that my ex is stalking on me! Check your stats: (Bad app url)

 At the moment it is posting directly from the web and from the bad social app Profile Views. Like always it leads you to a site that asks for access to your twitter profile so it can spread through your account. It will either ask your for account ID info or ask you to take a survey so they can get some cash. 

 To clean up your account go into your settings and remove the bad app/url from having access to your account so it can not spread again. Then delete all the posts it made on your account so you don't help spread it. Finally I would recommend to take the time to change your twitter password so you can be on the safe side. Please also inform others of the scam because it is spreading fast. So far 222 tweets have been spreading this fake message since I started to type this up.

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