Sunday, March 20, 2011

So how much new malware do Anti-Malware vendors see daily?

 Most of the time when you think of an AV you think of detection not the work behind it. You use an AV product and say nothing when it works fine and most people complain when it's not working properly or misses malware. However as the amount of malware rises Anti-Malware products are turning to different techniques (Sandboxing, Cloud Detection) to protect against the quickly growing threats. Now you may think to yourself the malware prevention problem is not that bad, but with the amount of threats coming out each day its quickly growing harder harder to detect all the malware. A report that I have just seen today says PandaLabs see's about 73,000 new malware variants every day. 73k thats an amazingly high amount of malware coming out each day.

 I highly recommend you read the report here:

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