Saturday, March 5, 2011

TweetViewer scam made another round through Twitter today

 The TweetViewer scam has been making some big news recently. It has became so popular that TechCrunch wrote an article about how its a scam and you should not go to the link TechCrunch Article. So I did a search on twitter to see if any of the scams were still alive. Gladly's spam filtering has the links blocked at the moment the short url it was using but it may come back at any moment under a different url/name. Be on the lookout of the scam and make sure you do not click it.

 Note: At the moment the app is still alive, however the current shortlink is dead. If they update the app with a new URL it can start spreading again till you deny it access from your list of permitted sites and services. I will keep checking on it to see if it wakes up again. 

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