Monday, December 5, 2011

Why YouTube tests don't show the full picture

 YouTube Antivirus reviews, some like them other do not. What makes these tests so popular and what dangers can you face by relying fully on YouTube reviews?

 YouTube Antivirus tests do have some good things going for them:

 1. Users can see the UI, Alerts, and the program in action before they install it on their machine. That way they have some idea of what they are getting in to when they install the program.

 However although YouTube Antivirus Tests bring users closer into what is going on YouTube tests also have a lot of problems.

1. The Sample size is not very large: A majority of YouTube tests only test Antivirus Products against 10 samples. Ten samples out of all the malware out there is not a good way to judge how good an AV product is. You need a lot more samples then that to get a good idea how an antivirus is.

2. Not enough sources of malware: Most of the time the malware urls in YouTube Antivirus tests come from popular well known malware black sites such as MalwareDomainsList (MDl), MalwareBlackList, ScumWare, and so on. The problem with this is that all the antimalware vendors are aware of this site and are most likely importing results as they become available. So it does not show a true picture of ZeroDay malware detection rates.

3. The test is done on one machine: Just because the product is light on the video machine does not mean it will be light on your machine

 Although my list of bad things is longer then my list of good things I still find it useful to watch YouTube reviews of AV programs to see what the UI is like and what the alerts are like. So if you watch YouTube Antivirus tests don't take them as an 100% accurate showing of how good an AV is.

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