Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twitter Spambots taking advantage of VA Tech Shooting

 As most of you may have heard today another shooting took place at Virginia Tech. In fact all day today #VirginiaTech has been trending on twitter as people have been searching for news. Well because of this Twitter Spams have starting attempting to take advantage of those keeping an eye on that trending topic. While watching the trending topic you may have seen tweets like the following:

 My ex say im ugly, can you look at my FB pics and DM me wah u think?

 Can you DM me & look at my FB profile n tell me do I look fat 2 u?

 My ex says im fax can u look at my fb pix & dm what you think?

 The spam messages are spreading through a short google url. They learn either to some random url or to a blogspot blog. Scanning on VirusTotal reported all avs found the html of the site clean, doing a URLVoid said only MyWot found it suspicious. So please do not click these links are report them to Twitter as spam.

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