Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Be on the lookout for Phone Scammers

 As I was on twitter this morning I noticed a tweet from my friend that said their grandparents were called by a scammer saying that he was in jail and needed cash. The story went like this:

 "An unknown person called my Grandparents today sobbing and claiming to be me. He claimed to have driven with two friends out to Las Vegas to attend a friends mom's funeral. (The friends mom was only 44.) While there the friends that he (purportedly me) had driven with got drunk and we were in a car wreck and he (I) broke my nose and was jailed yesterday and spent the night in jail. His nose was broken. He begged
Grandma not to call my parents, since they didn't know yet and he wanted to tell them himself, and promised he would as soon as he got home. He was now with the public defender and was calling to get money to post bail. Ultimately it boiled down to needing $4,225 today so that he (I) wouldn't have to spend another night in jail"

 So please remember to always check the whole story out if you get a call like this and don't give any more until you are really sure this is them. It is unclear so far how the name was leaked along with their phone number so if you get a call like this make sure you check all your online accounts to make sure nothing was leaked out. Make sure you inform people you know that may fall for this that scams like this are going around (especially in this holiday season).


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