Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear Apple,

 Some of you may have recently seen the reports about Siri not telling anyone where abortion clinics are. Now I am not a huge Apple fan, I do not own a single Apple product in my home at the moment. However I want to say one thing to Apple: Please don't change the way Siri works. I am glad that the Tim Tebow ad was shown on national TV, people need to stand up against Abortion and the murdering of these kids. I want to encourage Apple to to be the same way and to stand up against something that is wrong..

 I am glad that Siri is refusing to help in the killing of innocent children and I honestly hope it stays that way. Remember what Exodus 20:14 says, it says "You shall not murder". Abortion is a form of murder, its the murder of unborn children.

 So Apple what do you say? Will you take a stand and keep Siri the way it currently is or will you change it just because someone asked?

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