Sunday, December 25, 2011

Common Malware Alert!: Ping.exe

 You may have accidentally visited a malware infected site and have some new weird file called ping.exe running in your process taking up a bunch of CPU. Well as I have been monitoring the trends of malware removal at the GeeksToGo and Bleeping Computer Malware removal forums I noticed a bunch of people have been complaining their machine has this Ping.exe file running. The first thing to note is that not all of the ping.exe files are bad so if you see it on your machine it does not mean you should go and delete it. If your computer is acting weird don't panic and start downloading computer security software left and right. Instead stay calm and go follow the directions at a site like GeeksToGo Malware Removal Forum or Bleeping Computer Malware Removal forum.

 This infection family seems to be spreading quite actively at the moment so make sure you keep your AV program updated with the latest program version of database version. Also make sure you copy of Windows is updated with the latest patches.

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