Monday, December 12, 2011

Social Scam Report 12-12-2011

 Another new scam is starting to make it's rounds through popular social network site Facebook as reported by FaceCrooks.

 The scams main message is "Wow! Do you remember this photo?" and then below the post is a bunch of randomly tagged friends. Taking a look at the VirusTotal reports for two of the links only Kaspersy is reporting them as malware. I have not taken a deeper look at the links and what they go to so please keep an eye out for links like this.

 The next time of scam that has been going around recently (especially in this Christmas season) are the free gift card scams. Doing a quick search I have ran into the following:

 Get a Free CostCo Gift Card (Limited Time only - for all Facebook users)
 Get a free McDonalds Gift Card
 Get a free Amazon Gift Card (Limited Time Only)

 If you see any friends post one of these inform them its a scam and they will not be getting a free gift card.


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