Monday, December 12, 2011

SparkTrust Review

 I learned about SparkTrust after twitter from fellow security researcher Jerome tweeted that he was now working for the company and the malware research site he runs would be continued to be ran partnered with that company. I later saw a tweet about a free site vulnerability report that they were offering so I decided to take look at it. You may have noticed a link to it from the Webmaster Security tips page here on the IGL-Blog. After doing some research on it and trying it out myself I have became a partner with them because I thought the service is handy. Now I will review it for y'all looking for Website Security Services or programs to help protect your website and it's reputation.

 To get started was pretty simple, just fill out a short sign up sheet giving URL, email and other simple details. You will then be given a choice to either A. Upload a file to your web server or B. Add a meta-tag to your site's html. After a small issue with the way blogspot handled HTML Validation everything was good (thanks to the help of Jerome) and SparkTrust did a sweep of my site and sent me a report to my email.

 The report included a lot of information of what it found, but on top of that it was written in clear easy to understand language. It was clear enough that I think I could recommend it to someone who did not like to spend a bunch of time reading into computer security techniques. How ever this is just what the free vulnerability service provides.

 SparkTrust offers other services (which I have not go to test) which offers website owners access to a dashboard that provides over all status for all the sites they manage, malware blacklist monitoring, site malware removal service, access to experts that can help you secure your site. Overall this seems like a very handy service that is simple to use for web masters that don't want to spend a bunch of time researching and finding out about website security but still want to keep their site(s) secure. I highly recommend you check out their free report and see if it can come in handy for you.


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  2. You don't want to create more trouble. If you download Sparktrust, it tells you that you have tons of problems on your computer and ask you to pay if you want to fix the problems. I figured out that it was a scam and I didn't purchase and got rid of from my computer. However, it keeps coming/showing up and ask me for money. I googled how to remove this virus and found out that it goes very deep inside of the computer and very hard to get removed. Sparktrust is virus. You don't want to download it.