Monday, February 21, 2011

Other "Free Stuff" scams you can find on Twitter

 So since I had some free time today I decided to see what other "free item" scams I could find.

  1. First thing I searched up was free Iphone, like the "free Ipad" scams I just recently wrote about I instantly had many scam links on the screen. Some offered a free Iphone to those that would join the "Iphone testing program" while others said they would give everyone a free Iphone plus $500. Like always I doubt any of these would give you one free. Free Iphone scams were going at a much slower rate compared to the free Ipad scams

 2. Next thing I searched up was "Free Antivirus". Not much spam going through that term, a few sites saying they can give you a free full version of your current av but the rate this spam was coming out was much slower then the Iphone and Ipad scams.

3. Next search was free video game systems. Looking for free video game systems showe much more spam activity then a free antivirus search. However once again it was not a huge wave compared to as I was looking at free Ipads.

 I will continue to be watching for popular spam terms however so far in my research "Free Ipad" has the most activity of different terms I have searched up while looking for spam/scams.

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