Saturday, February 19, 2011

No you will not be getting a free Ipad on Twitter

 So as I was in a spam hunting mood I decided to see what kind of fake "I got a free Ipad" messages were spreading around twitter. It really interesting just to look at see what some people start spreading.

 First one that caught my eye was a site saying they will send you a purple Ipad. Now I may be wrong but I have never ever seen anyone with a purple Ipad or seen any store selling a purple Ipad. So I don't really see anyone getting a purple Ipad.

 Next one said that I could get a free Ipad just by submitting my email address. Now I figure you may get spam, but spam is not an Ipad. So again I doubt you will ever see an Ipad by going this route.

  The next one I saw said they got an Ipad by getting free Walmart gifts from this link. Now just in my personal opinion it would make more sense if they said they got it from free Walmart Giftcards, but either way why would Walmart one of the most popular stores in the USA give away gifts? If they ever did such a thing you would think it would be on something like CNN or other news site and more people would be running to Walmart at this very moment. Just an interesting note all of these were posted via very oddly named social apps on Twitter.

  The next one said get the newest Ipad free by helping Apple test it. Again why would Apple let everyone in the world grab one to test, who would that leave to buy it? So another one of those fake spam apps. I can keep going on and on but I will do one more then stop.

 The final one I saw was offering a free Ipad that was pink by just submitting your Zip code. If that really worked why would people even buy an Ipad?

  So as you can see Twitter has lots of spam posts about free Ipads you can find with one simple search. So never trust any of those sites you see on your favorite social network that tell you that you can get a free Ipad just by following a few steps.

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