Monday, February 28, 2011

New Digg Button added

  Content and readers are the base of a good blog. As I run this blog I write content according the states, if I gain more views on one topic and less on another I try to write more what users want. As I keep track of the stats I have noted that most of my views come through social media rather then through search engines. Now I am glad that search engines are sending more users through searches but as social media is becoming more popular I want to extend in the right direction. On top of sending the blog URL to all the major search engines I want to expand into social media.

  Not to long ago I added the Yahoo Buzz button onto the blog. This button allowed readers to Buzz in into the Yahoo network. Now we are expanding social options and we have added a Digg button. Digg is like Yahoo Buzz, you Digg stories and the more Diggs you move up the list of trending stories. This is just another small step to expand the blog.


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