Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New OddJob Trojan targets banks

 While reading some other security blogs I ran into another interesting Trojan that seems is only recently being reported around the security blogs. Trusteer has blogged about a Trojan that bypasses your attempt to log out of your bank site so malware writers can gain access into you bank details. You can read Trusteers report on the OddJob Trojan here: http://www.trusteer.com/blog/new-financial-trojan-keeps-online-banking-sessions-open-after-users-%E2%80%9Clogout%E2%80%9D

  This just goes to show access to your online banking information is a huge target. Zeus which is a very popular bot building toolkit also attempts to grab your passwords. This also shows Password Stealing Trojans creators are trying new ways to bypass your AV. Another interesting fact Trusteer found is that a copy of the malware is not fully stored on the disk, but freshly downloaded each time the browser is opened. Another new way to hide themselves on machines.

 So make sure you keep your security product updated with the latest Anti-Malware updates and Program version to keep yourself protected from this trojan.

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